Alla Georgieva

Exploring the work of artist Alla Georgieva (Born in Kharkov, Ukraine. Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria) through curating of solo and group exhibitions and publishing critical writing texts.


Alla Georgieva Tales of Love, Great and Small

ARC Projects, Sofia  | 22 November 2008 – 31 January 2009

Curated by Chris Byrne and Iliyana Nedkova

Conceived especially for ARC Projects the exhibition tested the boundaries of the concept of love. In this case, we see love through ‘invading’ the privacy of the infamous dictators Lenin, Stalin and Hitler. The use of classical painting techniques is a conscious reference to the aesthetics of the period from the 1930s to the 1950s, when these political figures were at the height of their power. The artist recreated her characters with a romantic ambience, depicting supposedly intimate scenes in hues of blue and pink. In doing so, Georgieva skirted along the edges of kitsch, and borrowed decor and compositional devices from popular culture.


Alla Georgieva, ‘Boat Trip (Hitler with Eva Braun’, 2008, oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm. Part of Tales of Love, Great and Small –  a series of  9 paintings, as many drawings and Utopias – an artist’s wallpaper 


Commissioned to write a mid-career survey of the artistic practice of Ukrainian-Bulgarian artist Alla Georgieva investigating the complex relationship between advertising, gender and contemporary art in her ouevre.

The resulting artcicle Alla Georgieva. Between Difference and Understanding was published in Volume 19 in January 2007 on the theme of IN/difference of n.paradoxa – the international feminist art journal edited by Katy Deepwell and dedicated to contemporary women artists and feminist theory around the world.

n = noun,  para = beyond, doxa = taught or accepted opinion


Please note that this downloadable text only version of n.paradoxa PDF does not contain images for copyright reasons. Captions are left as in all other n.paradoxa PDFs as a guide to the original print version. Images are always available in the n.paradoxa print form.


Alla Georgieva, Alla’s Secret. Collection 2000, 2000, ink jet print on paper mounted on board, 100 х 130 cm


New Europe and the Balkans at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh Centre of Photography, 16 January – 14 March 2004

REVIEW New Europe and the Balkans by Catriona Black at A-N Magazine, April 2004 DOWNLOAD

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