In 2016 I founded and co-curated 3G: 3 Generations of Women Artists Perform. Over the next five years it became an annual exploration of feminism and performance art, marking International Women’s Day as part of Perth and Kinross Women’s Festival. Held annually between 2016 and 2020 at Threshold artspace, Perth Theatre and Concert Hall, 3G featured artists’ talks and scholars’ presentations alongside live and screen performances by three generations of international women artists. Below are some of the highlights. Iliyana Nedkova

3G 2020

3G 2020 Poster

“I am very pleased that with this year’s 3G event, our fifth so far, we continue to stand at the ‘threshold’ between performance art and feminism; that we continue to immerse ourselves in the feminist and performative practice of generations of women artists. 3G also offers us the chance to celebrate the fact that half of our Horsecross Arts museum collection at Threshold artspace featuring over 350 works by Scottish and international artists which we have been commissioning, producing and acquiring since 2005 is by women artists! Here is to women artists. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them!” Iliyana Nedkova

“This presentation at Perth’s Threshold artspace marks the start of a new stage in my solo work after a hiatus from practice following the birth of my children. I have made both new works Wild Thing and Channelling as part of an ongoing mediation on motherhood and creativity and I’m delighted to premiere them as part of 3G 2020” Jenny Hogarth

“Showing for the first time in public at 3G 2020, my new work Gina’s Film is also inspired by motherhood. When I was a young woman, my mother and I were constantly at loggerheads. Now she is extremely old, and all the enmity has dissolved without trace. In Gina’s Film, as I interact with Gina in her care home, and push her wheelchair in the park and along the sea-front, we talk warmly to each other, and to each fellow creature that we encounter.” Kate Clayton


3G 2020 Poster DOWNLOAD

3G 2020 Media coverage DOWNLOAD and DOWNLOAD

1200Wild Thing Jenny Hogarth

Following its world premiere as part of 3G 2020 Jenny Hogarth’s Wild Thing is free to view on the artist’s Vimeo channel and is accompanied by a free downloadable Talbot Rice Residents Artist’s Guide featuring a new essay by Stuart Fallon

3G 2017

3G 2017 Press Release DOWNLOAD

As part of 3G 2017 I commissioned and acquired for the public collection of contemporary art at Perth’s Threshold artspace One Thousand Pomegranate Seeds by Scotland-based Bosnian artist Maja Zeco. Below is an excerpt from the recording by Jamie Lawson of Maja’s sound performance at Threshold artspace, Perth Concert Hall. In the artist’s own words:

The work tackled a state of permanent rupture in Bosnian society that have not healed twenty years after the end of hostilities. The roles of the oppressed, and of the oppressor, were explored through a performative interaction with the soil displaced from Bosnia, pomegranates, walnuts, and charcoal. The soil sample was transported with the help of my friends and family from Sarajevo, via Belgrade, to Aberdeen and finally to Perth. The soil is a symbolic and actual record of time that accompanies my soundfield recording of Sarajevo presented during the performance. Many actions in the performance were repeated three times in reference to the segregation of Bosnian society along ethnic lines (Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats). At the end of the piece, I lighted three candles and as I was leaving, my field recording of Sarajevo was played. The sound of the Muslim call for prayer and church bells voicing simultaneously on the streets of the city filled the room. This is often celebrated, as a sonic postcard of the city. Maja Zeco

3G 2016

3G 2016 A3 Poster

We should support initiatives such as 3G and art venues like the Threshold artspace, precisely because they are located in Perth and not in London or New York HASTA Magazine

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