Stories in Free Fall

Stories in Free Fall | Свободно падащи истории

Part of Thistles and Sunflowers festival and Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

27 May 2022 | 7.30pm | Scottish Storytelling Centre | 43-45 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1SR

Tickets are on a Pay What You Can scale. Suggested amount is £5

Join performance artist, writer and social justice activist Maria Kassimova-Moisset for her first appearance on a Scottish stage bringing her improvised storytelling show Stories in Free Fall (in Bulgarian with no translation into English) direct from the Bulgarian National Comedy Theatre. Expect stories of people and places, love and loss, old friends and new encounters, resilience and hope, buckets of laughter and tissues on the ready.

“There are no lines learnt by heart in this performance. There are only free-falling stories. Tales in complete free fall with no script at all. No other performance is the same. Each offers one of a kind experience which can catch us unaware, even myself. Why do I perform Stories in Free Fall? Well, because life is too short and there is no point in delaying anything that concerns us deeply. Because, once upon a time, some 34 years ago, on a hot summer day, the 16 year old me stood on the stage of the Bulgarian National Comedy Theatre, feeling the aura of my father, the great comedian Hindo Kassimov, who had just passed away, and promised to myself to take up acting one day. Because I love words. I love hearing them, collecting them, writing them, and connecting them into stories to be told over and over again. Because…well, why not?” Maria Kassimova–Moisset 

The show will last approximately 90 minutes and will be followed by a conversation with Maria Kassimova–Moisset hosted by Iliyana Nedkova as an opportunity to also discuss Balkan Rhapsody – Maria’s debut novel, currently in translation by Iliyana and due to be published by Scotland’s indie press Tippermuir Books

Intrigued? Watch this 18 minute TV Europe interview with Maria Kassimova–Moisset where she talks about the inspiration for her free-falling stories show and her aspirations for a new standup comedy. Enjoy it here

#ThistlesandSunflowers  #YS2022 

The tour of Stories in Free Fall in Scotland is curated by Iliyana Nedkova and Daniela Dimova-Yaneva as a partnership between Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Centre Scotland, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Bulgarian Cultural Institute London, New Bulgarian cultural platform and Tippermuir Books. With special thanks to Cecylia and Fiona O’May.

Part of Year of Stories 2022 and Thistles and Sunflowers festival running 18 May – 18 September 2022 at Scottish Storytelling Centre and beyond  – a spotlight on stories and artists from the lands of thistles and sunflowers. An initiative of Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Centre Scotland, Thistles and Sunflowers is curated by Iliyana Nedkova and Daniela Dimova-Yaneva and supported by the City of Edinburgh Council Flexible Fund, as well as Tasgadh Fund for Traditional Arts devolved from Creative Scotland and managed by Fèisean nan Gàidheal.  

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