Trad Dance Cast

Trad Dance Cast is a brand new podcast about traditional dance artists, ideas and trends from across Scotland and beyond. Produced by Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland, Trad Dance Cast is curated by Iliyana Nedkova and Wendy Timmons. It is hosted by Eleanor Sinclair, a trad dance artist, instructor and climate activist.  EPISODE NOTES Continue reading Trad Dance Cast

Thistles and Sunflowers

Nectar for insects, seeds for birds and symbols for nations, Thistles and Sunflowers is a spotlight on stories and artists from Scotland and Bulgaria. Established in 2022, Thistles and Sunflowers is a festival platform co-curated by Iliyana Nedkova and Daniela Dimova-Yaneva Thistles and Sunflowers at a glance: Thistles and Sunflowers 2023 Join us for the return to the stage on 28 April 2023 7pm … Continue reading Thistles and Sunflowers


Sowing the seeds of international traditional dance in Scotland at springtime Pomegranates festival 25 March-1 May 2023 featuring nearly 60 artists from across the world delivering workshops, shows, talks, tours and films an inititaive of Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland established in 2022 as part of Edinburgh Tradfest curated by Iliyana Nedkova, Wendy Timmons and Eleanor Sinclair For all festival details and Duets – the … Continue reading Pomegranates

Dance Fusion

Thistles and Sunflowers Dance Fusion – one of the highlights of the inaugural Thistles and Sunflowers festival, which premiered as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022 returned to the stage on 28 April 2023 at the Scottish Storytelling Centre as part of Pomegranates festival of international traditional dance. Choreographed and performed by the trad dance duo Ariana Stoyanova and Alexis Street, supported by dancers … Continue reading Dance Fusion

Poetry Trail

Thistles and Sunflowers Poetry Trail The Thistles and Sunflowers Poetry Trail launched on 30 June 2022 as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022 and Thistles and Sunflowers 2022 festival – a spotlight on artists and stories from the lands of thistles and sunflowers, i.e. Scotland and Bulgaria curated by Iliyana Nedkova and Daniela Dimova-Yaneva. It was extended until 11 April 2023 free and open … Continue reading Poetry Trail


Duets is the first solo exhibition in Scotland by Gabriel Schmitz. Curated specifically for the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh, it runs 26 March – 1 May 2023 and features 20 new dance and drawing duets on canvas, paper and screen. Free and open daily 10am-6pm or late on show nights. Plan your visit now Duets is an integral part of Pomegranates – the springtime … Continue reading Duets

Found in Translation

Founding member of Found in Translation Club established in 2015 and held monthly at Central Library Edinburgh with 50 books in translation read, talked and written about over the first 5 years of which 27 by male and 23 by female authors. Through 2015-20 we have read books in the following languages in translation: Spanish (1), Spanish–Argentina(1), Norwegian(1), Italian(1), Turkish(1), Korean(2), Chinese(1), Japanese(2), Dutch(3), Danish(2), … Continue reading Found in Translation

A is for Abbeyhill

A is for Abbeyhill – a durational public art project set on the grounds of a purpose-built Victorian school at the city centre of Edinburgh. Delivered through a curated artists-in-residence programme, A is for Abbeyhill aims to ensure that all children are entitled to quality cultural learning and meaningful access to contemporary visual and performing arts. Scroll below to find out how and why A … Continue reading A is for Abbeyhill

Ukraine Suite

The installation Ukraine Suite (1996 – 2022) by British contemporary artist, educator and researcher Pam Skelton is comprised of four short films, including Liquidators (1996), Conversations with Liquidators (2001), Chernobyl Mon Amour (2021) and Aftermath (2022), as well as five photographic portraits which utilise Skelton’s own footage recorded during her two research trips to Ukraine in 1993 and 1995. …In Resnais’s film [Hiroshima, Mon Amour], … Continue reading Ukraine Suite

Albena Mihaylova-Bendji

Following my long-standing interest in women artists, including Albena Mihaylova-Bendji, I am pleased to be contributing to the group exhibition Personal Structures – Reflections accompanying the 59th Venice Biennale 23 April – 27 November 2022 at European Cultural Centre, Palazzo Mora, Strada Nova 3659 Venice 30121 Italy. Personal Structures is a biennial contemporary art exhibition organised and hosted by European Cultural Centre in Venice. The … Continue reading Albena Mihaylova-Bendji