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Founding commissioning editor and contributor to READ MORE (ISSN 1755 – 0866 Online) – an exquisitely designed journal for critical writing published by Horsecross Arts between 2007 and 2019. Run along the editorial premise one work – one essay – one issue.

Each of the 15 issues published featured a newly commissioned essay by a Scottish or international contributing writer who elaborated on a selected work from the Horsecross Arts collection of contemporary art held at Threshold artspace, Perth in relation to the artist’s oeuvre to date.

All READ MORE issues are free and downloadable worldwide. Occasionally, limited print editions of the journal were released to accompany major solo exhibitions held at Threshold artspace or further afield.

READ MORE Issue 15 | Sanne Jehoul talks about the animation dialogues between image and sound, concept and craft in the work 4:3 (2019) by artist and filmmaker Ross Hogg

Read More journal for critical writing Ross Hogg

READ MORE Issue 14 | Laura Leuzzi and Iliyana Nedkova trace signs of change, resilience and urban acupuncture in the work Virtual Walls | Real Walls (2018) by Dutch video art pioneer Madelon Hooykaas while Tabitha McKechnie takes a psychogeographic walk around Perth city wall

READ MORE Issue 8 | Jonathon Blackwood unravels the intriguing paradox and the humanizing utopia inherent in Julita Wojcik’s Domestic Modernism (2009)

READ MORE Issue 7 | Angela Dimitrakaki explores the global art world and the critical melancholy in Mare Tralla’s work WeeViews (2008)

READ MORE Issue 6 | November Paynter and Timothy E. Weeks ask which way is up in Lala Rascic’s smashup tale of two journeys in her work Untitled (Travel in a Box) (2008)

READ MORE Issue 5Iliyana Nedkova argues that pixel landscape art is not beyond words in her essay about Susan Collins’s work Glenlandia (2005)

READ MORE Issue 2Urszula Sniegowska distinguishes between life as a story and the story as life in Izabella Gustowska’s works including Life is a Story. The Scottish Episode (2009)

Artificial Moon (2010) by Wang Yuyang. exhibition view from Threshold artspace, Perth concert Hall







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